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Maternal diet can alter the nutrient composition of fluid in the womb

Posted:  Friday, February 20, 2015

Maternal diet composition can alter the nutritional composition of the fluid in the womb found scientists from University of Southampton. This means that nutritional interventions can be developed to support the very early stages of pregnancy.

The study, published in the journal Human Reproduction, found that the concentration of amino acids in the uterine fluid of non-pregnant women changed according to the diet. A less healthy diet was associated with altered concentrations of amino acids in comparison to those consuming a healthy diet.

Amino acids in the body play a variety of roles. They act as building blocks of major proteins. They are also a source of energy and double up as antioxidants.

"This is the first report showing that diet can alter the nutrient composition of human uterine fluid, which nurtures the early embryo. Since we know that the environment in which an early embryo develops is important for future health, recognising that it can be altered by diet is of great significance,” commented the researchers.

The result of the study stresses the importance of a healthy diet around the time of conception as it impacts the uterine environment and embryo development. Although the results of the study are novel, large scale studies are needed to back the results.

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