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Malnutrition in pregnancy can risk child’s health

Posted:  Monday, July 20, 2015

It is the age of the ‘yummy mummy’ and truly so, figure conscious mothers can go to any lengths to prevent obesity or excess weight gain during and after pregnancy. However, physiological weight gain during pregnancy happens for a reason. It has been found that malnutrition during pregnancy and lactation can result in a number of developmental diseases in infants.

According to experts, malnutrition during pregnancy may predispose the growing infant to certain ailments such as rickets, anaemia, scurvy and osteomalacia, and even premature death. Apart from this, malnutrition also causes Marasmus and Kwashiorkor.

What about maternal undernutrition during lactation? Well, it can hamper not just the quantity but also the quality of milk. Breast milk is an important source of nutrition for the infant, compromising on which can lead to growth and immune problems.

Statistics amply highlight the problems stemming from undernutrition among mothers. Every year, 17 million children are born underweight due to poor maternal nutrition. In addition, 6 million children die before the age of five due to malnutrition and many infants perish due to poor availability of breast milk. Hunger and malnutrition routinely claim 60% of innocent infant lives in developing nations.

Experts recommend that alongside a healthy diet, pregnant women should take iron and folic acid supplements in addition to calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D supplements. One can also draw inspiration from the UK based charity Doctors Worldwide which provides nutrition, fortified infant cereal and health screening for mothers and babies as a part of their "Babies Cannot Endure Hunger" initiative. This will ensure good health for both mother and baby during the course of pregnancy and lactation.

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