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Limit use of strollers to keep away childhood obesity, suggests American Academy of Pediatrics

Posted:  Friday, September 04, 2015

For many women, a regular visit to the shopping mall is made easier by taking their toddler along in a stroller. But this could be working against your child’s health finds a new study. A new study finds that use of strollers could lead to inactive behaviour in children and contribute to childhood obesity. In lieu of these findings, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests limiting stroller time.

Conducted by researchers from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, the study finds that strollers enable sedentary behaviour and may also squelch opportunities to build confidence and develop movement skills in children.

As a solution, experts recommend limiting sedentary behaviour to only 1 hour at a time including time spent in the stroller among children upto 4 years of age. Such measures would prevent sedentary behaviour and the related risk of childhood obesity

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