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Lifestyle modifications during pregnancy can prevent obesity in children

Posted:  Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Numerous studies have found that high infant birth weight has an increased risk of obesity as children or adults. A major problem, obesity, can pose grave short- and long-term consequences to health. Generally, lifestyle modifications are suggested to manage obesity and the protective effect of these modifications was demonstrated by a recent study.

A team of Australian researchers belonging to the EU-funded Early Nutrition Project have found that infants born to mothers who were advised lifestyle choices were less likely to have high birth weight. The Project involves a team of researchers from 36 institutions in 15 countries from Europe, United States, and Australia. They have joined hands to study the effect of early nutrition programming and lifestyle factors on the rates of obesity and related disorders.

The results of the study have been published in the journal Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism. As a part of the study, the researchers followed more than 2200 obese mothers during pregnancy. They provided one half of the women with advice and support to change their eating habits, including suggestions to increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables per day and reduce the intake of foods high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fats. The women were also encouraged to increase physical activity in the form of walking and incidental activity.

The researchers found that infants born to mothers who received advice on lifestyle factors were 18% less likely to have a high birth weight in comparison to women who were just given standard care.

These results have helped shed light on the mechanisms by which lifestyle and nutrition programming during pregnancy can affect a range of body functions. By following simple nutritional and lifestyle modifications, one can reduce the risk of obesity and metabolic diseases.

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