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High prevalence of gestational diabetes among Indian women, say experts

Posted:  Friday, March 20, 2015

There is worrying news for Indian women. They may show a higher prevalence of gestational diabetes at 22 to 25% as opposed to the worldwide prevalence figure of 15%. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition that typically develops during the third trimester of pregnancy. It affects women with no previous diagnosis of diabetes and is characterised by high blood glucose levels.

A recent study pointed out a high prevalence of GDM among Indian cities; Chennai recorded 17%, Thiruvanthapuram 15%, Bengaluru 12% and Ludhiana 17.5%, said Rajesh Chhibber, Communications, Public Health Foundation of India, Delhi.

In addition to these disturbing figures, GDM cases are poised to rise to 101.2 million by 2030. Not just that, women also have a high prevalence of diabetes. Of the 65 million people with diabetes and 77 million people with pre-diabetes in India, approximately 45% are women.

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a severe yet neglected condition that impacts both maternal and child health. With its prevalence likely to increase, GDM should be identified and appropriate measures taken to counter the same.

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