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Hi-tech Anganwadis soon to be a dream come true

Posted:  Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here is a good news for 13.42 lakh Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) in India. The Indian government is planning to roll out tech-equipped Anganwadis! The services provided to 1,045.08 lakh Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) beneficiaries will soon be monitored with the help of software-enabled tablet devices at Anganwadi centres. These personal computer (PC) equipped Anganwadis will record and upload the nutrition supply levels of children.

Such far-reaching steps are required as a recent audit carried out by a parliamentary panel brought to light that there was not only a considerable growth monitoring deficit but also the dearth of a professional consultant. These hurdles posed a big challenge to the government when monitoring the implementation of ICDS services.

A customised software installed in the tablets provided to AWWs will help to upload daily data regarding dietary intake and health updates of children as well as supply of food grains and supplementary nutrition. This switch from periodic reports from states and Union Territories to daily updated data will allow quick identification of malnourished children through periodic monitoring.

“By equipping them with tablets we would be able to identify malnourished children much faster and more nutrition can be supplied,” said a senior official of the Women and Child Development Ministry.

Monitoring and regulating ICDS, which is one of the Government’s most prestigious and successful programmes, will help ensure that the average daily intake in children will soon be equal to the recommended dietary allowance.

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