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The “King of Fruits” may lower blood sugar levels in obese adults

Posted:  Friday, September 19, 2014

Good news for mango lovers from the world of science!

Scientists from the US have discovered that the ‘King of Fruits’ may help lower blood sugar levels in obese adults. They found that obese individuals who consumed 10 grams of freeze-dried mango pulp every day had lower fasting blood sugar levels.

The results of the pilot study which involved a total of 20 male and female individuals aged 20-50 years with a BMI ranging between 30 to 45 kg/m2 were published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolic insights. The participants of the study received 10 grams of ground freeze-dried mango pulp a day, equivalent to about a half of fresh mango for 12 weeks. The researchers then evaluated the effect of mango supplementation on body measurements such as hips, height, weight, and waist circumference.

The researchers found that supplementing the diet with freeze-dried mango pulp led to a reduction in fasting blood glucose levels in the study participants. This decline in the glucose levels was more significant in obese males as compared with their female counterparts. The study however, found no significant changes in body measurements and parameters such as triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Explaining the possible mechanism of action behind this effect, lead author Professor Edralin Lucas said, “We are excited about these promising findings for mangos, which contain many bioactive compounds, including mangiferin, an antioxidant that may contribute to the beneficial effects of mango on blood glucose. In addition, mangos contain fibre, which can help lower glucose absorption into the blood stream”.

These study findings point out to a possible dietary option for individuals looking to control their blood glucose levels. However, further research is warranted to understand the exact mechanism of action by which mangoes effect a reduction in blood glucose levels.

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