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Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking a low-carb diet

Posted:  Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Glucosamine benefits for a longer life

Glucosamine is a food supplement that has been found out to be an essential supplement to maintain a healthy and long life. The research done by Dr. Michael Shaw in Zurich, using aged mice to replicate an aged human has shown that glucosamine helps to imitate a diet that is low on carbohydrate and help in the longevity of cells and tissues.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine tablets are easily available, at any drug store and are known to be an acceptable supplement that can help keep the body healthy and active. Many a times, people suffering from joint pains and arthritis generally consume glucosamine to help decrease the pain and degeneration. Another remarkable finding is that the growth and formation of cancer is kept away when one consumes glucosamine supplement. This supplement is a boon to the medical industry because it also slows the metabolism rates of nutritive sugars within the body. Glucosamine has the capability of doing so many things at a time because of its capability of being able to initiate the synthesis of lipids and proteins within the body.

The ability of Glucosamine to expand life

One of the most sought after glucosamine benefits, is its ability to increase lifespan. German researchers under Michael Ristow found that when glucosamine was given to round worms, it extended their lifespan for up to 5% more than the general lifespan of a roundworm. The other batch of research was done on ageing mice. Glucosamine was given as a supplement to the normal daily diet of aged mice and it revealed that the mice apparently had a lifetime of 100 years, which is almost similar to a 65 years lifespan of an average human. There was another batch of mice who received the same diet as the mice who took glucosamine supplement. The only difference was that the other batch was not given the supplement. It was seen that the mice who did not take the supplement died in their normal lifespan while the ones supplied with glucosamine lived 10% more, which is similar to 8 years of the average human lifespan. Moreover, the research also fetched that Glucosamine helped in the increase of glucose metabolism, pointing out that when humans consume it, they can be away from diabetes and also other life threatening diseases that are widespread among elderly humans.

How does it all happen?

It has been said earlier that Glucosamine benefits the body by imitating a low carbohydrate diet. What exactly happen is that, glucosamine helps the breakdown of amino acids and metabolizes them even when there is no carbohydrate. Amino acids, the basic component of the protein improves the metabolism of the body and thereby a low carbohydrate diet can be maintained even without actually reducing the amount of carbohydrate in the daily food consumption. Glucosamine tablets are easily available as supplements to daily food and the supplements are found to increase the mortality of the consumers and keep diseases like diabetes and heart attacks at bay because a proper metabolism means a healthy body with active internal functions.