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Glucosamine promotes longevity by mimicking a low-carb diet

Posted:  Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Glucosamine benefits to promote longevity

Glucosamine is a food supplement that has been found in medical stores for decades. It is consumed by a lot of people who believe that glucosamine helps to keep physical processes smooth and healthy running. Researches done in depth to understand the importance of this supplement shows that it can promote longevity to a substantial level by improving the rate of glucose metabolism by ten percent. Therefore, studies show that the simple supplement that was easily available at drugstores, have a value that very less people consuming it, knows about.

How does glucosamine help increase the longevity of the consumer?

Dr Michael Ristow has been able to successfully complete a research to show glucosamine benefits. The research was done on a batch of mice that confirmed the effect of glucosamine on the longevity of cells and tissues. The doctor and his team has been able to find out that about 10 percent of the glucose metabolism in the body of the mice had increased on providing it with glucosamine supplement. He established that when a low carbohydrate food diet is mimicked in the system by the increase in glucose metabolism, it lead to longevity of the tissues and cells. Earlier, Ristow had done similar tests on round worms to understand if their mortality increased with the introduction of the glucosamine supplement. It was seen that the worms that were given the glucosamine supplement lived longer then their controlled counterparts. It was also seen that the lifespan of rodents were also increased by 10% when given a viable dosage of glucosamine every day. The percentage increase in the rate of longevity in the mice research cohered with 65 years of mortality for the human beings.

How does the mimicking of a low-carbohydrate diet happen?

Additional researches and studies done on the effects of glucosamine benefits show that glucosamine accelerated the process of amino acids break down in the tested animals. Now as we all might already know that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Therefore when the main components of proteins are metabolised in the absence of carbohydrate, a low carbohydrate food diet within the body can be achieved, even when practical compromising on the levels of carbohydrate intakes in the diet is not done. Ristow found out in his research that although the mice were taking the same amount of carbohydrates, their carbohydrate levels within the body were lower than their controlled counter parts. This also put light to the fact that, even in the body of the human, a correct dosage of glucosamine can help to keep a low carbohydrate diet. Ristow also said in a press meet that he has himself started taking glucosamine tablets after understanding the advantage it has towards increasing the metabolism rate of the body resulting in a longer mortality rate. But it is also important to keep the diabetes levels tightly controlled during the first few weeks of glucosamine consumption. He said that although one cannot necessarily shun the fact that glucosamine too might have its side effects; the supplement can be recommended to keep the system healthy and long-lasting.