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Experts to study various benefits of gut microbiota in an EU initiative

Posted:  Monday, January 19, 2015

In a mammoth collaboration, 30 organisations from 15 countries have joined hands to study the role played by gut microorganisms in health and well-being. The project was funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework programme and involves partners from the European Union (EU) and non-EU countries.

Officially launched in December 2013, this collaboration aptly named MyNewGut is a 5-year multidisciplinary project studying the gut microbiota, its microbiome, and their roles in human physiology. Although studies on probiotics/gut microflora are abundant, they explore the benefits of these products in isolation.

During its 5-year tenure, MyNewGut will investigate the role of the gut microbiome and its specific components in nutrient metabolism and energy balance; understand the influence of environmental factors on the gut microbiome, in pregnancy and during a baby’s development, and its impact on the brain, immune system and metabolic health; identify specific gut microbiome components and associated metabolic functions that contribute to and predict obesity, eating disorders and co-morbidities, and work towards reducing the risks of metabolic- and brain-related disorders by developing new food ingredients and food prototypes in association with the EU food industry. Collaboration with policy makers, the scientific community, food industry, media and public is an integral part of this project.

“Our challenge is to provide a proof of concept that dietary interventions with food and ingredients designed to modulate the gut microbiota can contribute to controlling and reducing the incidence of diet-related diseases, such as obesity, metabolic syndrome and behavioural disorders – epidemics in our developed society,” said the researchers. The progress and findings of the project can be accessed on the MyNewGut website. With expert panels and an intriguing research subject, the results of this 5 year study would be worth waiting for!

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