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Educative live Webcast on Clinical Nutrition Live from New Delhi, India 14th — 18th OCTOBER 2013

Posted:  Friday, October 18, 2013

NNI offers you the opportunity to listen to selected lectures from the Nestle Nutrition Institute Clinical Nutrition Course, from the 14th - 18th, October. The lectures will be streamed live across the country. The course will be given by international leaders in clinical nutrition and the program Chairmen are Professors - Peter Soeters (The Netherlands), Remy Meier (Switzerland) and Ravinder Reddy (India).

The course covers “What a Physician needs to know about Nutrition as an integrated part of Disease Management” and the lectures will be delivered by well-known global experts. This is a unique opportunity for you to know about the latest science in the important area of disease management.

Come and Spread the Message - “Elevate the Role of Nutrition” in Healthcare!

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