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Eating breakfast is nothing but feasting on intelligence

Posted:  Thursday, November 26, 2015

In almost every household, breakfast is the casualty of time. However, parents who want to arm their children with intelligence should dedicate time for the first meal of the day. Researchers from Cardiff University find that eating breakfast could give a cognitive boost to children and help them perform better in school.

The researchers evaluated the diet of 5,000 students aged 9 to 11 from more than 100 primary schools. They recorded their 24-hour dietary recall (including 2 days’ breakfast entries) and compared it with the teachers’ evaluation of students. The results of the study appeared in the journal Public Health Nutrition

They found that students who ate breakfast recorded twice better than average educational performance compared to students who did not eat breakfast. This effect was not seen among children who ate unhealthy foods such as chips or candy as breakfast. Nearly 1 in 5 children agreed to having unhealthy foods for breakfast.

The researchers commented about the synergy between health and education and how schools could benefit by encouraging health besides their core business of education. In addition, childhood is a critical time for mental and physical growth. Providing a diet with inadequate nutrients could leave an indelible mark on short- and long-term development.

“Linking our data to real world educational performance data has allowed us to provide robust evidence of a link between eating breakfast and doing well at school. There is therefore good reason to believe that where schools are able to find ways of encouraging those young people who don't eat breakfast at home to eat a school breakfast, they will reap significant educational benefits,” conclude the researchers.

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