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Does junk food make you lazy?

Posted:  Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Is laziness an effect of junk food?

In the fast moving life that we have, convenience and junk food top the list. Researches however show a very disturbing result. It shows that junk food is the root cause of obesity and that in change makes people feel lazy and tired. More than an inactive lifestyle it is the intake of fat containing junk food that causes issues like soaring of the cholesterol level, fatigue etc.

The study with rats

The University of California has come up with a study where the effect of junk food has been an interesting finding. They researched with 32 female rats to find out that consumption of junk food is a root cause for fatigues. The research was conducted with two batches of diet on the rats. In the first six months they were given unprocessed organic foods like fish meals and grounded corns. However in the second half of the year, their diet was made of high sugar containing foods to replicate the diet that humans generally consume as junk food. After 90 days of the second batch, it was seen that about 16 rats had gained weight and become fat on consumption of a junk food diet. And it was also seen that on a thirty minutes rat’s wheel session, the obese rats were taking two times more breaks than the other rats that were lean and were fed on standard diet. What was miraculous was that when the obese rats were given a nutritious diet for a span of nine days, after the completion of six months, it did not help in losing their extra fat and making them more active during their physical performances. On the contrary the lean rats that were given the junk food diet for nine days seemed to be retaining their physical stamina and did not become obese. Therefore the scientists at The University of California found out that junk food diet causes physical harm and also causes obesity.

Junk food makes you hungry

If the world is so used to consuming junk food, it is essential to recognize what is junk food after all! Junk food is basically the food that contains saturated fats and cholesterol and is definitely convenience food. Researchers said a diet of junk food like pizzas, burgers, fat cuts of meats cooked with oil, deep fried foods, high sugar containing foods etc led to obesity and cognitive impairment. Now the more they are consumed, the more they make one feel hungry. It has been seen that the effect of junk food on human beings are quite similar to the effects of junk food on the rats. It is really difficult for a regular consumer of junk food to have the required physical stamina over a period of time. The fat deposition caused on consumption of junk food causes the body to become obese. An overweight person lacks the physical and mental discipline that is required for carrying of physical tasks. He might not be lazy, yet may suffer from the effect of consuming junk food and thereby may be leading a lazy and inactive lifestyle.