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Dieters move past calories, food makers follow

Posted:  Thursday, April 17, 2014

The significance of a healthy eating diet

Dieters have been overtly obsessed about the amount of calories intake per day. Earlier, dieters believed that having a healthy diet was directly proportional to the amount calories consumed. However, now the intake of more fibres, natural ingredients etc have also proved to be important considerations so as to maintain a balanced diet. Food items like Special K, Diet Coke etc became favourites because they aimed at cutting down the calories. However, now people are more interested in consuming the calories and burning them out, rather feeling deprived of having to consume food that are low calorie. People, concerned about their diet are importantly not interested to give into processed foods that are low calorie.

Consuming more calories is not the key to a balanced diet

A native of Covina, California Kelly Pill has been on a healthy eating diet ever since 1990. However, she had reported that on changing her view towards her diet, she has been able to have more balanced meals throughout the day that is more filling and healthy. The point does not lie in the fact that people have become careless towards the importance of calories. It simply means that people are more receptive to the fact that eating calorie foods that are fulfilling must be followed by active processes to burn it out. This helps in two ways. One the hunger is filled without having to compromise on the taste and secondly, a balanced diet is easily maintained. People who are loyal dieters, are now opting for higher protein or fat containing foods followed by regular exercises and activities, rather than keeping their appetite practically unfulfilled. Weight was earlier the most important component of a diet plan and being on a diet meant loss of weight. But now nutrition is the most important component along with the need to be physically active.

How are top brands helping the change in trend?

Dieters are used to formulating their own healthy diet recipes. However, the big food brands around the world are doing their part to keep this healthy trend alive. Here are a few examples:

- Special K had undergone a reduction of 7% in their sales, as audited by a firm in Chicago and this had encouraged them to come out with another product called “Special K nourish” which has barley and quinoa grains, and aims to be a more fulfilling consumption to dieters. This is because nowadays, people are not only looking at fewer calories, but also comparing the nutritional benefits out of the food they consume.

- After a 27% reduced sale rate, Nestlé’s Lean Cuisine came up with a new tagline to promote the understanding that natural ingredients and regular calories were offered in their food. The tagline read "Honestly Good".

- Diet Coke and Pepsi also saw a drop of 7% in their sales last year, which is steeper than the drop of sales for the full calorie Coke or Pepsi. The companies are now working into making traditional sodas that will not have artificial sweeteners.

- The others in the run are Frito Lay, Points plus etc.