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Diet and exercise: The cornerstones for prevention of sarcopenia

Posted:  Monday, October 13, 2014

Sarcopenia is a condition characterised by progressive loss of muscle mass and strength. Maintaining muscle mass and strength in elderly adults is important to reduce the risk of sarcopenia.

One out of 3 adults ≥50 years suffer from sarcopenia, which could affect their quality of life in old age. A recent study, published in the journal Age and Ageing, has found that despite the prevalence of the condition, resistance exercise and incorporation of specific proteins in the diet could be beneficial in improving muscle mass, function or strength.

To maintain muscle health and increase muscle mass, function and strength, the report suggests:

    • Incorporating resistance exercise such as weight lifting, which helps in improving muscle function

    • Increasing the daily intake of protein, essential amino acids like leucine, and HMB, which is an amino acid metabolite found in small amounts in avocado, grapefruits and catfish.

The report also recommends increased screening for sarcopenia by doctors to identify the condition early.

With the increase in global life expectancy, many older adults wish to lead an active and full life. However, the elderly are predisposed to muscle loss and nutrient deficiencies due to poor food choices, decreased appetite, and food intolerances. On an average, adults lose 8 percent of muscle per decade starting at age 40 and this rate accelerates to 15 percent every decade starting around age 70. The loss of muscle mass, especially in the elderly, can affect their capacity to conduct day-to-day activities such as walking, rising out of a chair, and gripping, lifting or moving objects.

The findings of this study suggest that sarcopenia is a feature of aging and not just a condition limited to institutionalised elderly individuals. Proper nutrition and exercise are needed to counteract the effects of aging on muscle mass and finally on the quality of life too.

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