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Coconut development board launches flavoured coconut milk

Posted:  Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Kerala state run coconut development board (CDB) has announced the launch of flavoured coconut milk. Now, coconut milk can be enjoyed in flavours such as pistachio, rose and chocolate. Other flavours such as coffee and almond may soon be in the offing said CDB officials. Flavoured coconut milk could be a boon for people with lactose intolerance.

The launch of this product took place at the CDB headquarters in the presence of representatives of various coconut farmers organisations. This product was developed at the CDB Institute of Technology in Aluva.

Coconut milk is a healthy, vegan and environment friendly alternative to cow’s milk. What’s more, it’s nutritious too! The nutritional benefits of coconut milk are listed below:

It is a richer source of niacin or vitamin B3 than cow’s milk. Niacin along with other B complex vitamins helps metabolise nutrients in food

The product developed by CDB was shown to be rich in iron and copper

Compared to dairy, coconut milk is lower in sugar thus limiting carbohydrates in the diet

It is good for people with lactose intolerance as coconut milk is devoid of this dairy milk sugar

In addition, the flavoured coconut milk has stabilised fat content of 3-5% and is rich in proteins such as albumin, globulin and gluten.

The CDB announced that it will share the processing technology of this flavoured milk with coconut farmers organisations and other prospective private entrepreneurs shortly. So be prepared to enjoy flavoured coconut milk which would come in pretty glass and pet bottles and also in tetrapaks.

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