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Benefits of fish consumption for pregnant women outweigh its adverse effects

Posted:  Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pros of fish consumption outweigh the cons from contamination after all! According to consensus, regular consumption of fish during pregnancy is associated with better developmental outcomes in the offspring.

It has long been believed that the consumption of fish is harmful for pregnant women due to the mercury contamination. However Dr Emily Oken of Harvard Medical School suggests that pregnant women gain the benefit of omega-3 fats by eating fish at least twice a week. The advantages show in the form of better vocabulary, attention levels and visual motor skills in the offspring.

Based on her long-term studies of mothers and their children, Dr Emily Oken at the First 1,000 Days seminar in Dublin, said, “Our research shows that moderate fish consumption during pregnancy showed no detrimental effects on the offspring and can actually benefit their language and visual motor skills in the early years of life.”

On a parting note Dr Emily Oken cautions that pregnant women must include a variety of fish and avoid overconsumption of predatory fish like shark, tuna or swordfish as they tend to have the highest levels of mercury.

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