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A fatal ‘Tidal Wave’ of cancer might affect the future, WHO

Posted:  Friday, January 09, 2015

A chilling report by the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts a tidal wave of cancer in the year 2035 with 24 million cancer cases. It therefore advises restrictions on alcohol, smoking and sugar consumption (obesity) to cut down the cancer cases by half.

According to the WHO’s 2014 World Cancer Report, besides smoking, alcohol and obesity, the other preventable causes of cancer include infections, inactivity, radiations from the sun and medical scans, air pollution, delayed parenthood, and abstinence from breastfeeding.

The report cites breast cancer as the most common cancer in women worldwide, the only exception being Africa where cervical cancer is the predominant cancer. Human choices greatly influence the chances of developing cancer. Popular practices like sunbathing and consumption of alcohol and unhealthy diet put many at risk of the deadly disease.

A survey conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) found that as many as 49% people were unaware that diet could contribute to cancer risk. The report advises consuming a diet replete with vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, cutting down on alcohol and red meat, and avoiding processed meat completely to reduce the risk of cancer.

“The global cancer burden is increasing and quite markedly, due predominantly to the ageing of the populations and population growth,” said Chris Wild, the director of the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer. He suggests adopting preventive measures to curb this future epidemic and the treatment costs stemming from the same. If by practising a healthy lifestyle, the risk of cancer can be lessened, then the time to act would be right now!

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