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A 'third of UK adults struggle' to afford healthy food

Posted:  Thursday, April 24, 2014

Healthy food is everyone’s right

A well know charitable organisation in the United Kingdom has projected that healthy and quality food is so highly priced in the market that average adults have a difficult time affording it. A survey done by the British Heart Foundation has come up with another survey which is astonishing. It said that approximately 40% of the shoppers sacrifice their health requirements to meet a cheaper pocket crunch. This indeed is a very heart breaking situation because it clearly suggests that the average family is not getting healthy and high quality food in their diet due to higher prices. On a general survey about 66% people said that they would have liked to buy better quality food but cost is a genuine issue that makes them choose the cheaper alternatives.

However, The British Heart Foundation points out that it is possible for people to consume healthy food even when they have a budgetary hindrance. The main problem arises when people, instead of opting for healthy food, opt for easy to eat convenience food to curb their budget. The Guardian conducted a research on a grocery list - a comparison between UK and the other parts of Europe, America and Australia. The research shows that people in UK are not the ones who spend the most on their grocery and in fact the price in UK is rather reasonable. However, the real challenge or question is whether quality food, which is not merely convenient food, is within the reach of the average shopper, so that the grocery list can include items that are necessary in terms of healthy living.

What dieticians have to say?

Following a poll carried out to understand if people are aware of the benefits of healthy food, it was seen that nearly all the respondents who were part of the survey understood that their food had more content of saturated fat and salt, yet were making the buy of such food because they were cheaper and offered them convenience. Now that explains it all, doesn’t it? It is easier to give up on the quality when price differences for the same apparent product are above the margins for an average shopper. Dieticians have confirmed that having quality food that is healthy and up to the mark, that too at a budget price is a huge challenge these days. It is true that diet considerations and having healthy food cannot be kept up with, when there are weekly shopping budgets that need to be maintained. For consuming healthy food, one must not completely resort to canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. These may be cheaper alternative to fresh produce but the nutritive value of this packed or canned food is never in par with fresh produce. The other important factor that buyers must understand is that convenient food can never be of the same quality like organic or basic food provide. It is definitely possible to sustain a cheap budget for grocery, this is by increasing the amount of vegetables in the diet, which at the end of the day is considered healthier.