ICON 2014

Ahmedabad, India 4 April 2014 - 6 April 2014


In tune with the mission statement of ICON, at the 30th meeting, the emphasis shall be "Addressing unmet Needs in Oncology". In our day to day oncology practice there are several unmet needs and scientific program of conference will focus upon:

  • Newer diagnostic & prognostic tools, Surgical techniques, Technologies and Treatment options for care and cure of patients to address these unmet needs
  • Understand what global payers define as “unmet need” and drug “value” for anti-cancer medications
  • Realise what is meant by “innovation” in oncology and how much this should be rewarded
  • Learn how health technology assessments are made in oncology and what evidence is required
  • Discover how comparative effectiveness research in cancer has been working in real-life
  • Appreciate what steps drug developers are making to integrate payer-focused endpoints into clinical trials and enhancing real-world evidence generation
  • Determine how the Pharma & Biotech industry are reengineering R&D portfolios to satisfy payers needs for budget-effective anti-cancer therapies

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