Indian Cancer congress

Delhi 21 November 2013 - 24 November 2013


A specialist is one who dedicates self to one area of work; someone who continuously strives to be amongst the best in that chosen area. However, it is impossible to excel, unless one is aware of the developments in other related specialties. It needs a lot of confidence and selflessness to be able to change ones own beliefs, based on the new evidence. In almost every cancer treatment, specialists from different areas have to agree to a common strategy and work towards it. In no other field of medicine, is such close coordination practised on a daily basis. A ‘Multi-disciplinary Team’ meet is of utmost importance for the optimum care of each patient.

The associations of radiation oncologists (AROI), medical oncologists (ISMPO), surgical oncologists (IASO) and the members from pathology, radiology, epidemiology, basic sciences, clinicians etc (ISO) have come together to create the first Indian Cancer Congress (ICC2013). We all believe that this big stage will lead to cross pollination of ideas and fuel further growth in research and in oncology practice, and help attract the attention of one and all.

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