Nutrition During First 1000 Days : Paving the way for healthier generations

Editor(s): Dr. Ashraf Soliman, Dr. Mohamed Eldabbagh , Dr. Khaled Zahredin, Dr. Salvador Navarro-Psihas InFocus Middle East Nutrition Vol.1 , 2013


Human growth is a continuous process. Studies defining placental effect on growth focus on discrete time points (e.g., birth), overlooking the conditional nature of the process.

Undernutrition is a common problem in very low birth weight infants. Although only 20% of babies < 1000g have a birth weight below the 10th percentile, practically all of them are undernourished when they reach the 36th week.

To assess linear growth of patients with Fe deficiency anemia (IDA) before and after treatment in relation to their hematologic parameters and IGF-I.

  • Placental Weight: Relation To Maternal Weight And Growth Parameters At Birth And During Childhood

    Author(s): Dr. Ashraf Soliman, Dr. Mohamed Eldabbagh, Dr. Khaled Zahredin

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