Infant Nutrition Insights & Effects on Pediatric Practice "Series #3"

Editor(s): Prof. Ferdinand Haschke, MD, PhD, Prof. Ahmed El Beleidy, Dr. Tawfiq Taki Al-Lawati, Dr. Yousef Abdul Razzaq InFocus Middle East Nutrition Vol.3 , 2012


Nutrition during the first 1000 days, which includes the period from conception to the postweaning period at 2 years of age not only influences growth and cognitive development but is also important for the development of NCDs later in life.

Studies have shown that children who had been overweight at ages 24, 36, or 54 months were more than 5 times as likely to be overweight at 12 years of age than non overweight children at all three of these ages.

Growth charts are vital tools to assess the growth and the well-being of children. Multiple growth charts have been devised in many of the Middle East countries including Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Information on the health and growth status of the population is essential for planning and administering health prevention programs.

  • Nutrition During “The First 1000 Days” And Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) Later In Life

    Author(s): Prof. Ferdinand Haschke, MD, PhD

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