Nutrition During First 1000 Days : Gut Microbiota Differentiated

Editor(s): InFocus Middle East Nutrition Vol.4 , 2013


Throughout the human lifetime, the intestinal microbiota performs vital functions, such as barrier function, metabolic reactions, trophic effects, and maturation of the host's innate and adaptive immune responses. Development of the intestinal microbiota in infants is characterized by rapid and large changes in microbial abundance, diversity, and composition.

These changes are influenced by several factors such as mode of delivery, diet, familial environment, diseases, and therapies used. This volume collects recent published data that searched factors influencing gut microbiota including safety and efficacy of probiotics ( Bifidobacterium Lactis )

  • Influence Of Antibiotic Exposure In The Early Postnatal Period On The Development Of Intestinal Microbiota

    Author(s): Tanaka S, Kobayashi T, Songjinda P, Tat eyama A, Tsubouchi M, Kiyohara C, Shirakawa T, Sonomoto K, Nakayama J

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