Science Based Evidence on Allergy Prevention in Infancy and Childhood

Editor(s): S. Koletzko, D. Palmer, J. Spieldenner The Nest Vol.36 , 2014


This issue of the The Nest 36 looks at the Science based evidence on allergy prevention in infancy and childhood through three articles by leading experts:
Sibylle Koletzko looks at Prevention of Atopic Eczema through nutritional intervention during infancy. Debra Palmer describes current Nutrition Strategies to Prevent Food Allergy. Finally Jörg Spieldenner presents the economic and health impact on the Early prevention of atopic dermatitis 

  • Prevention of Atopic Eczema by Nutritional Intervention during Infancy

    Author(s): S. Koletzko

    Atopic eczema affects 1 of 3 children with a family history of eczema, with about half of them developing the skin lesions during infancy. The risk for eczema can be significantly reduced by feeding a hydrolyzed 
    infant formula during the first 4 months of life if breast-feeding is not sufficient.

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