The 1st Arab Neonatal Congress

Dubai, UAE 5 April 2012 - 8 April 2012


Infantile Colic Updated 

Dr. Gamal Samy   
Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology    
Ain Shams University, Cairo, EGYPT                        
President of The Egyptian Society for Neonatal and Preterm Care

A healthy gut flora is a key factor to support gut maturation and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. The probiotic L. reuteri is a gram-positive bacterium present naturally throughout the human body(in GIT and vagina) also in breast milk. Colicky infants have a lower prevalence of lactobacilli and higher counts of fecal E. coli than healthy infants. Modification of the intestinal microflora with the use of probiotics could represent a new effective way of dealing with infantile colic.