92nd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop: Nutrition Education - Strategies for Improving Nutrition and Healthy Eating in Individuals and Communities

Lausanne, Switzerland

Nutrition education is the centerpiece of the 92nd Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop. Nutrition education may be defined as a combination of educational tactics accompanied by physical or environmental supports, whose purpose is to encourage the voluntary adoption of foods and other lifestyle behaviors that are beneficial for health. The first session took an in-depth look at what nutrition education really is and how it can be used to influence different target populations, including women, girls and young children. The second session explored the complexities of eating behavior, underscoring the importance of early childhood as a critical time for intervention. Here, nutrition education efforts in childcare, schools, and community settings play an important role. The final session shifted the focus to nutrition education in medical schools. Paradoxically, nutrition education is sorely lacking in many medical schools around the world. This session highlighted the latest educational technologies that are being used in medical school curricula, as well as methods for bringing nutrition to the clinic. Altogether, the three sessions in the workshop cover the basis of how nutrition interventions can be designed and delivered to improve food choices and ultimately, an individual’s health. 

Insights you will gain from this workshop:
  • Uncover the role of nutrition education in improving the quality of life in individuals,  families, including education of parents and caregivers, children in day care and schools
  • Recognize the importance of nutrition education for healthcare professionals
  • Understand the critical impact of nutrition education in the public health sector
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