Home Care Enteral Feeding

Editor(s): H. Lochs, D.R. Thomas NNI Workshop Series vol. 10 , 2005


As clinical nutrition plays an increasing role in the management of patients at home – often for a much longer period than for a hospital stay – The topic ‘Home Care Enteral Feeding’ was chosen for this 10th Nestlé Nutrition Workshop of the Clinical and Performance Program, which took place in June 2004 in Potsdam, Germany.

  • How Can We Modulate Cytokine Production and Action?

    Author(s): L. Cynober

    The loss of body weight and development of cachexia are common signs associated with several diseases. Net muscle protein catabolism is the result of a neuronal and endocrinological response, the main hormone involved in this process being cortisol [1]. Besides this, a number of pathological situations (e.g. cancer, infection, trauma, surgery) lead to activation of the immunological system which, in particular, involves the release of mediators.

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