Early Nutrition: Impact on Short- and Long-Term Health

Editor(s): H. Van Goudoever, S. Guandalini, R. Kleinman NNI Workshop Series (NNIW) Vol.68 , 2011


The 68th Nestlé Nutrition Institute workshop was dedicated to a research area that is gathering a significant amount of interest in the scientific arena: Early nutrition and its impact on long-term health. Renown Professors van Goudoever, Guandalini and Kleinman had brought together an excellent program summarizing the latest scientific findings on the influence of nutrition in the perinatal period as well as during early and late infancy.

  • Animal Studies of the Effects of Early Nutrition on Long-Term Health

    Author(s): J.E. Harding, A.L. Jaquiery, C.E. Hernandez, M.H. Oliver, J.G.B. Derraik ,F.H. Bloomfield

    Small size at birth is associated with increased risk of a variety of common chronic diseases in adulthood. Numerous experimental studies in animals have supported the observations in humans, demonstrating that changes in nutrition in early life can lead to altered long-term health. Importantly, these effects can be independent of size at birth, and can depend on the interaction between nutritional events before and after birth. Both macro- and micro-nutrient intake are important. Furthermore, these effects may vary according to the nature, timing, severity and duration of the nutritional insult. This review provides examples from animal studies of evidence of these long-term effects, and some possible underlying mechanisms whereby nutrition in early life can affect long-term health.

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