Complementary feeding: Building the Foundations for Healthy Life

Editor(s): M. Makrides, R. Black, K. Ong NNI Workshop Series (NNIW) Vol.87 , 2016


The first 1,000 days of an infant, the time period from conception until two years of age, is the time in which the infant is the most vulnerable and which lays the foundation to its future health. During this transitional period, infants also progress from exclusively milk-based liquid diet to the family diet and self-feeding. Thus, the CF period is not just an important time to satisfy an infant’s nutrition, but also a time to form healthy food preferences and feeding practices and to further stimulate the infant’s ongoing, healthy development.

  • Complementary Foods: Guidelines and Practices

    Author(s): M.J. Netting and M. Makrides

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