Consequences of Under- and over-nutrition in Early Childhood

Editor(s): Z. A. Bhutta, Z. Lassi The Nest Vol.35 , 2014


This issue of the The Nest looks at the consequences of 
under- and overnutrition in early childhood through three articles by leading experts: 

Zulfiqar A. Bhutta and Zohra Lassi look at under- and overnutrition in the first thousand days of live and the importance of the problem and interventions. 
Patrick Detzel presents the economic rationale for micronutrient fortification as a means to improve health and, in turn, economic and social development.
Finally, Bo Lönnerdal and Olle Hernell look at the impact of under- and overnutrition 
of iron in infancy and early childhood. 

  • Under- and over-nutrition in the First Thousand Days: The Importance of the Problem and Interventions

    Author(s): Z. Bhutta, Z. Lassi

    Both maternal undernutrition and obesity are huge public health problems associated with adverse outcomes. It is estimated that close to 27% of all births in low- and middle-income countries may be small for gestational age and associated with maternal malnutrition. Maternal obesity is associated with a high risk of adverse maternal outcomes and an excess risk of macrosomic babies, birth asphyxia or trauma and newborn mortality.

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