Protein / Iron and Zinc / Probiotics

Editor(s): I. Axelsson, B. Lönnerdal, J. Saavedra The Nest vol. 24 , 2008
  • Protein Nutrition during Infancy and Childhood

    Author(s): I. Axelsson

    During breast-feeding, protein intake is low in humans compared to that of many animals. The protein content in breast milk is about 1g/100 ml and the daily protein intake approximately 1g/kg/day. During the weaning period, the protein intake increases remarkably and even after the first year of life. There is a shift from about 1g/kg/day to 3-4 g/kg/day in spite of the fact that the protein requirements are decreasing. The long term consequences of this phenomenon are obscure. A high protein intake may have both endocrine, metabolic, and physiologic effects and may increase the risk of obesity.

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