Diarrhoea / Prematurity / Malnutrition

Editor(s): W. Solomons, Richard J. Cooke, S-C. Chao The Nest vol. 20 , 2006


  • Diarrhoea - Treatment of Severe Diarrhoea
  • Prematurity - Feeding Preterm Infants:Practical Advice
  • Malnutrition - Clinical Significance of Gastric Emptying in Malnourished Children

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  • Treatment of Severe Diarrhoea

    Author(s): N.W. Solomons

    The annual incidence of acute diarrhoea is not declining. Vaccines are available for only a few types of intestinal infections, and not the most common ones. Attempts over the years to immunize against cholera have been unsuccessful, whereas a vaccine against rotavirus - the most important cause of diarrhoeal illness in early life - was approved in 1998, but later withdrawn due to safety concerns.

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