Growth / Renal Immaturity / Probiotics

Editor(s): H. Lejarraga, A. Moreno Vega, J. Martin-Niclos Govantes, J.M. Saavedra The Nest vol. 09 , 2000
  • Is this Growing Normally?

    Author(s): H. Lejarraga

    In recent decades, there has been a widening of goals of child health care. They are no longer restric-ted to reducing child and infant mortality in a given area; now, they should also include the promotion of normal growth and development so that the child matures into a healthy adult. Physical growth has thus, two main implications in paediatric practice; it is a health care objective: the promotion of normal growth and development; but it is also a health indicator: a valuable instrument for monitoring the health and well-being of the child.

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