Infant Diarrhea / Psychological Aspects / Weaning

Editor(s): M.K. Bhan, R.Bahl, N. Bhandari, J. De Nobrega, L. Cardinal Primeau, M.J. Mozin, P. Goyens The Nest vol. 05 , 1998
  • Factors Influencing the Duration of Infantile Diarrhea

    Author(s): M.K. Bhan, R.Bahl, N. Bhandari

    The duration of infantile acute diarrhea involves many related factors. In general, about 75% of episodes of diarrhea last for a week or less, 20% for 8-14 days and 5% beyond 14 days; the last subgroup is defined as persistent diarrhea.

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