Public Health / Breast-Feeding / Child Growth

Editor(s): P. Pongpaew, F.P. Schelp, Y. Gamatié, T.C. Raghu Ram, A. Saibaba The Nest vol. 03 , 1997
  • Etiology of Malnutrition: Poverty or Ignorance? (Part II)

    Author(s): P. Pongpaew, F.P. Schelp

    When subclinical undernutrition is a problem, it might be wise to screen the child population continuously for wasting or underweight. Both can be measured within a primary health care setting through the application of appropriate growth and weight charts. However, primary health care workers and mothers must know how to plot curves by marking the weight according to the age of the child on a chart. In doing so they have to deal with a two-dimensional system and to interpret the resulting curves.

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