Key Issues on Prematurity

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians Annales Nestlé Vol.63 / 2,  2005


  • Outcome After Preterm Birth
  • Nutrition of Premature Babies Post-Discharge
  • How Should we Care for Infants Born at the Limit of Viability?

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  • Editorial

    Author(s): Editorial Committee

    Progress made in the field of perinatology over the last two decades has led to unprecedented low mortality rates for extremely-low-birth-weight (ELBW) infants. Improved prenatal care, regionalisation of perinatal care, use of corticosteroids antenatally, surfactant replacement therapy and new respiratory support strategies have all contributed to this success. Indeed, the successful application of active obstetrical and neonatal intensive care has led to progressively smaller and more immature infants.

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