Nutrition in Childhood

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians Annales Nestlé Vol.60 / 1,  2002
  • Nutrition and Developmental Biology

    Author(s): A.K. Herbig, P.J. Stover

    Human development proceeds as a complex set of interdependent yet distinct and precisely integrated biological programmes. Following fertilization, developmental programmes are initiated by selective reading of the genetic code leading to the generation of the various cell types, organs and organ systems that constitute mammals. These programmes are dependent on the expression of the maternal and foetal genomes and a regulated, maternally derived supply of nutrients. In fact, most developmental programmes, including organogenesis, limb formation and central nervous system (CNS) maturation, require specific nutrients for their initiation and progression. Nutrients are required as building blocks for the synthesis of macromolecules, energy production and as biological cofactors for enzymatic reactions.

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