Protein-Energy Malnutrition

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians Annales Nestlé Vol.57 / 3,  1999
  • Global and Regional Prevalences of Child Malnutrition

    Author(s): E.A. Frongillo

    Malnutrition is “the syndrome that results from the interaction between poor diets and disease and leads to most of the anthropometric deficits observed among children in the world’s less developed countries” [1]. A large percentage of the world’s children grow and develop while experiencing malnutrition. The consequences of children becoming and remaining malnourished are increased risk of morbidity and mortality, delays in motor and mental development, and decreased work capacity [2, 3]. Malnutrition potentiates the effects of infection and contributes to more than half of all deaths of children under five years old [4, 5]. Most of these deaths occur among children with mild to moderate malnutrition.

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