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‘Nutrition Month’ events support Bangladesh Vision for Health

Posted:  Friday, September 14, 2012

One of the key objectives of Nestlé Nutrition Institute (NNI) is to help improve the nutritional status of people globally, by creating awareness of nutrition science and building capacity within the medical fraternity. Through this, in Bangladesh, we aim to support the Health Ministry’s Vision 2021, as well as the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, especially MDG4: Reducing Child Mortality and MDG5: Improve maternal health.

To help achieve our objectives, the NNI arranged a ‘Nutrition Month 2012’ in Bangladesh, with the underlying theme: ‘Natural defences during 1st 1000 days of Life’ from 11 July 2012 to 10 August 2012.

During the month we offered 3 500 healthcare professionals a full program of events, including: a New Born Resuscitation and Essential New Born Care Program; Continuing Medical Education Program; Paramedical Training & Quiz on nutritional topics; NNI Symposium Events for HPCs; and the screening of a scientific film on breastfeeding.

The importance of breastfeeding was emphasized throughout the month and a major event titled ‘Breastfeeding – The Gold Standard of Natural Immunity for Babies’ was organized in Dhaka. The symposium’s guest of honour, Adviser to the Honourable Prime Minister, Prof (Dr.) Syed Moddaser Ali, also stressed the need for adequate awareness and education on breastfeeding for mothers and her supporting family. And a brochure was launched during ‘Breastfeeding Week’ containing scientific articles from eminent physicians.

We believe that events such as these will help build trust in scientific knowledge and debate and have a positive outcome on the nutritional status of the population, especially during the 1st 1000 days of life. They also help reinforce our commitment to using scientific platforms to build strong and lasting relationship with healthcare professionals.