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Nutrition Country Profiles: Valuable new Tool for Influencing Better Nutrition Globally

Posted:  Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Global Nutrition Report’s new series of ‘Nutrition Country Profiles’ are a valuable resource for those aiming to influence or improve nutrition within a specific country.

With improved nutrition, countries can start enjoying the many social and economic benefits that good long-term health brings. The clear nature of these profiles provides some useful guidance for policy makers, and key data for those aiming to influence or advise them.

The profiles can help:

     Advance understanding of the nature and distribution of nutrition within a specific country

Identify opportunities for action to accelerate improvements in nutrition

Highlight key data gaps that need to be filled

Engage decision makers

Each profile covers a wide-range of data relating to the outcomes of different forms of malnutrition such as underweight, overweight, obesity and some diet related non-communicable disease of all age groups. The drivers of good nutrition are covered at the nutrition specific level. And the Profiles describe how enabling the environment is for nutrition improvement.

Whether the decision makers you are trying to reach are influenced by numbers or stories, there is plenty of data in the country reports to help - they are a goldmine for those seeking to influence the policy process.

To learn more about the profiles and how to get the most from them, read the related article from the Global Nutrition Report.