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Nestlé Nutrition Institute is happy to announce three E Learning opportunities to gain knowledge and earn continuing education credits

Posted:  Thursday, February 13, 2014

Receiving the appropriate nutrition can have a significant impact on a patient’s outcome. Therefore, Nestlé is delighted to support three new online activities for healthcare professionals.

Each activity is free of charge and can be accessed online at your convenience. Several US healthcare professional types are also eligible to receive CE and/or CME credits. Refer to the CE offerings on the 3rd party CE provider website.

Maximizing Clinical and Surgical Outcomes with Immunonutrition

Topics and speakers:

Immunonutrition: A Historical Perspective and Current Recommendations

Ainsley Malone, MS, RD, CNSC

Fish Oil in Critical Illness: Mechanisms and Clinical Applications

Paul Wischmeyer, MD

The Impact of Immunonutrients in Surgical Patients

Robert Martindale, MD, PhD

Description: This symposium was presented live at the SCCM 42nd Critical Care Congress and is now available online. The program examines current evidence and recommendations supporting immunonutrition therapeutic strategy for surgical patients. Each presentation, which can be viewed separately, shares important information for any healthcare provider involved in the care of critically ill patients.

“CE/CME for US clinicians expires April 30, 2014”

Dysphagia: Understanding the Basics for Healthcare Professionals

Speaker: Rebecca Brody, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC

Description: Unmanaged dysphagia can have severe health consequences including malnutrition, dehydration and aspiration pneumonia. This program defines dysphagia, the phases of swallowing and how impaired swallowing can have a detrimental effect on nutritional status. Several conditions associated with dysphagia are reviewed, including the nutrition related consequences, and key steps for promoting positive outcomes.

Recommendations to Feed a Challenging Patient - the Critically Ill Patient with Obesity

Topics and Authors:

Obesity Epidemic: Overview, Pathophysiology, and the ICU Conundrum

Ryan T. Hurt, MD, PhD, Thomas H. Frazier, MD, Stephen A. McClave, MD, Lee M. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Monitoring Nutrition Therapy in the Critically Ill Patient With Obesity

Roland N. Dickerson, PharmD and John W. Drover, MD

Description: Obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States, second only to smoking. This program looks at the complex pathophysiology of weight gain, the latest understanding of obesity and the comorbidities of obesity that complicate ICU care. It also shares the current suggested nutritional recommendations for the obese ICU population.