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NNI Expands its Free E-Learning Resource

Posted:  Tuesday, March 19, 2013

E-Learning is a particularly useful tool for Health Care Professionals (HCPs) as it is widely available and flexible to fit around busy schedules and shift working patterns.

For this reason, the Nestlé Nutrition Institute is expanding its range of online learning. This also supports the NNI’s aim to share science-based information and education with HCPs to enhance people’s lives around the globe.

Three new case study-based learning programs are now available via the E-Learning section of the NNI website:

• A newborn baby whose older sibling has moderately severe atopic dermatitis
• Sisters - a 2-month-old with colic and an 18-month-old with diarrhea
• A new mother of twins who wants to breastfeed

The NNI E-Learning page also now includes a webcast on preventing pediatric obesity and a section of courses, which have expired credit, but still provide useful learning opportunities.