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IPOKRaTES offers access to free lectures on IP-tv-teleducation from April 2 to April 30, 2013

Posted:  Thursday, February 14, 2013

IPOKRaTES will offer a unique and special opportunity to view all IPOKRaTES lectures on IPO-TV-teleducation free of charge from April 2 to April 30,2013. This will be available via their website.

IPOKRaTES-TV also presents lectures held by IPOKRaTES faculty at seminars. These lectures listed below are now available here. Please follow the link and then click on to IPO-TV.

 Lectures of seminars:

 1. Preventing and Protecting Brain and Lung from Injury, Rome 2011 Lecturers: Ferriero Donna, Cilio Maria Roberta, Mercuri Eugenio, Jobe Alan, Morley Colin, Thebaud Bernard

 2. Pediatric Cardiology, La Spezia 2011 Lecturers: Friedberg M, Hasbani K, Sanders SP, Shirali G, Silverman N

 3. Nutrition and Gastroenterology, Athens 2011 Lecturers: Neu J, Bell Ed, Hay W, Martin C

 4. Comprehensive Care of the premature infant, Lecco 2012 Lecturers: Costeloe K, Juul S, Navarro S, Rojas M

 5. Neonatal Hemodynamics, Porto 2012 Lecturers: Seri I, Kluckow M, Greisen G, Noori S

 6. Best of IPOKRaTES: An Update in Neonatology, Leuven 2012 Lecturers: Aschner J, Keszler M, Martin R, van Kaam A, Polin R, Haque K, Neu J, Hay W, Young T, Cilio RM, Groendendaal F, Inder TE, Toet M, Noori S.