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Discover how nutrition can improve the outcome of the critically ill at NNI symposium

Posted:  Monday, January 16, 2012

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute will be discussing how nutrition can improve the outcomes of critically ill patients at an informative breakfast symposium during this year’s Clinical Nutrition Week in Orlando, Florida, USA from 21 to 24 January.

During the meeting, four distinguished speakers will explore the subject, moderated by Robert Martindale MD, PhD, a respected specialist in gastrointestinal and laparoscopic surgery. The speakers will be:

Stephen McClave, MD

Keith Miller, MD

Jose Saavedra, MD

Beth Taylor, MS, RD

The symposium will take place on Sunday 22 January in the Pacific Hall C of the Dolphin & Swan Hotel. Discussions will start at 6:00am and a breakfast buffet will be available from 5:30am.

Entrance to the symposium is free of charge, but space is limited.

Visit our website for further details about both Clinical Nutrition Week 2012 and the the NNI satellite symposium.