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Clinical Use of Probiotics in Pediatric Allergy (CUPPA): A World Allergy Organization Position Paper

Posted:  Friday, January 18, 2013

The WAO position paper published in WAO Journal 2012; 5: 148 – 167, concludes that there is no established role of probiotic supplementation in the prevention or treatment of pediatric allergy. Further epidemiologic, immunological, microbiological, genetic, and clinical studies are necessary to determine whether probiotic supplements will be useful in preventing allergy. Until then, supplementation with probiotics remains empirical in allergy medicine. In the future, basic research should focus on homoeostatic studies, and clinical research should focus on preventive medicine applications, not only in allergy. Collaborations between allergo-immunologists and microbiologists in basic research and a multidisciplinary approach in clinical research are likely to be the most fruitful.