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British Nutrition Foundation Task Force report

Posted:  Thursday, November 14, 2013

BNF Task Force highlights links between early nutrition and adult diseases.

The importance of good nutrition during the first 1000 days of life has been further reinforced by a new report published by a dedicated British Nutrition Foundation Task Force.

In its report, the task force reviews the evidence that the seeds of many adult diseases are sown in utero and in infancy.

Its review has confirmed that the nutrition a child receives during what the report calls the “critical windows of early life development” impacts the development of the gut ,nervous system and cognitive function, and the perinatal effects of sex hormones in the programming of disease in later life.

The report, written by experts in the field, illustrates how changes in the fetal and postnatal environment, such as over- or under-nutrition, can result in permanent alterations in organ development and function and affect risk of adult disease, with specific chapters covering key health issues such as allergic disease and asthma, bone health, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cognitive function, diabetes and obesity. It also considers what might be done in early life to reduce the burden of future ill health with important recommendations to help identify long-term strategies for early life nutrition.

Further details can be found in a Summary Chapter of the report.