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Nutrition Symposium -Your Invitation to Two Key Pediatric Symposium at AAP

Posted:  Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In October, the NNI is supporting two complementary dinner symposiums on key pediatric topics: childhood allergies and obesity. Using an innovative Audience Response System (ARS) these interactive events participants will be able to interact with the experts and gain direct answers to their questions.

Preventing Pediatric Obesity, October 27, 2013

Childhood obesity continues to increase at an alarming rate, particularly among
ethnic populations. At this event leading experts will share the latest thinking on childhood obesity and explain how early nutritional choices and feeding practices can influence the risk of a child becoming overweight or obese in later life. They will also share strategies to improve communication with parents about obesity prevention. The interactive talks include:

Pediatric Overweight/Obesity: the Importance of Prevention, William J. Cochran MD, FAAP

Update on Current Feeding Practices, Alan M. Lake MD

Communicating Effectively with Parents Lila, H. Monahan MD, FAAP

For more about the event and how to register, see the Symposium invitation.

Preventing Pediatric Allergies, October 28, 2013

A dramatic increase in food allergy is being observed over the last years at a global scale. Atopic Dermatitis being the most common allergic manifestation in early life is the gateway to the allergic march, meaning that infants suffering from atopic dermatitis have a high risk to develop other allergic symptoms later in life.

Early nutritional intervention, can help to reduce the risk to develop atopic dermatitis and minimize the impact on the patient’s and familiy’s quality of life.

In this complementary dinner symposium, supported by a grant from the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, you can learn more about childhood allergies and effective intervention strategies.

The evening will include three interactive talks by leading experts:

Allergenic Diseases and Quality of Life, Mark Boguniewicy, MD

The Allergic March in Pediatric Allergy, Johnathan M. Spergel, MD, PhD

Nutrition and Infant Allergy, Long-term Effects, David M. Fleischer, MD

For more about the event and how to register, see the Symposium invitation.

Both events will take place in October at the Peabody Hotel, Orlando, Florida. Places are limited, so registration is required for each symposium.