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86th NNIW – Protein in Neonatal and Infant Nutrition Recent Updates

Posted:  Monday, July 27, 2015

150 nutrition experts and key opinion leaders in the field of pediatrics from 26 countries gathered in China in May 24-27th to share their views and opinions on “Protein in Neonatal and Infant Nutrition: Recent Updates”. 

This 86th Nestle Nutrition Institute workshop brought together world-leading experts to discuss the new development in protein in neonatal and infant nutrition, focusing on the following 3 subjects: Hydrolysed Protein in Infant Feeding, Protein in Feeding of Term Infants, Protein in Feeding of Preterm Infants. 

The experts re-affirmed the superiority of breastfeeding for all infants. In the absence of breastfeeding or human milk available, they recommended the use of specially designed substitutes based on high quality advanced protein. The NNI workshop has been followed by media coverage which included 1 TV channel, 34 newspapers, 12 news agencies and 427 websites.

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