2011 Sport Nutrition Conference Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain 6 December 2011 - 8 December 2011


From the 06th to the 08th of December 2011 the Sports Nutrition Conference is organized on behalf of the Maastricht University, PowerBar Europe and Nestlé Nutrition Institute. The main purpose of the meeting will be to evaluate some of the latest research and to translate theory into practice. In order to get as much discussion as possible and at the same time reach a large audience we have decided to restrict access again to 120 delegates and by invitation only. These delegates will be carefully selected and will be dietitians and nutritionists who are influential and can convey the messages to large audiences. We will also have some elite coaches and athletes to give their perspectives.

  • Sport Nutrition Conference Mallorca 2011 This booklet summarizes the outcomes of the 11th Sport Nutrition Conference held in Mallorca, Spain. The theme of this conference was "Nutritional coaching strategies to modulate training efficiency". Several leading scientists shared their insights with sports nutritionists, sports dietitians, physiologists, coaches, and athletes. View Publication